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Three Simple Steps to a Successful Exhibition Experience

A well known and respected method of marketing that captures an audience and engages a much higher return on investment is none other than exhibition stand marketing at trade shows. Many of the best trade show stand contractors have many ideas and suggestions at their disposal to give you the greatest effect for your exhibit. This article will help suggest another three simplified steps that will help lead to a greater and more successful exhibition experience for both marketing impact, branding, engagement with customers and other things that are vital to success.

Following the suggestions to maximise the amount of time, you invest in a trade show marketing campaign that includes your energy as well as financial ability. When you harness this format of advertising you will need to maximise the return on investment generated. The three ideas presented below will give an attendee at a trade show a reason to visit and interact with your booth.

Double Decker Exhibition Stand for Nigeria LNG at Gastech
Double Decker Exhibition Stand for Nigeria LNG at Gastech. Image credit: Design Shop

Grab Attention Of Attendees

The first and biggest element of success when it comes to exhibition stand marketing is being able to grab the attention of attendees immediately and to get visitors to talk to your sales team and interact with your exhibit. It will not matter how good your product or service offerings are if your stand itself does not bring in people and establish itself as standing out from other vendors. You will want to maximise the use of things like lighting, large graphic displays, large display screens, animation that grabs attention, bright colours and other things that will attract attendees as they roam the trade-show. Another excellent option is to integrate technology to create more of a buzz factor to make your exhibit more interesting and engaging. It is best to clearly find options to incorporate in your stand display to grab attention and interest attendees to visit your booth and speak with your sales team and learn more about your brand, product or services being offered.

Be relevant

You will need to have a clear mission statement for why your exhibition is at a trade show and the intended return on investment for being there. Nowadays with smaller budgets and the necessity of return on investment being met, you will need to have a clear goal of what your exhibit is for. This can take on many different things that include things like networking, building brand awareness, or to launch new products or services including also making direct sales. It is estimated that nearly 75% of trade show attendees are there to purchase products or services or plan to buy products or services in the very near future. You will need to know what your audience demands from you and what they expect and then meet those expectations. You will want to have a clear idea of what you need to do and have a booth built by trade show stand contractors that can meet your criteria exactly as needed for the building and design processes.

Keep people talking

The first and most integral aspect of trade show marketing is gaining attention while the second primary need is to get people to talk to you and your sales team once they are at your booth. You will need things that can help be a catalyst for conversation with your target audience. You and your sales team should be well prepared and will know who your target audience is and their unique needs and desires. You can do things to start the conversation by using interactive technology that includes things like games as well as virtual reality. You can also include things like video, seating areas, as well as product demonstration areas. Another excellent method to get attendees to speak with you and your team is to provide things like food and drink, phone charging stations, downloadable applications for smartphones, filling out questionnaires, free giveaways, contests and more. You will want to make sure that your incentives and catalysts for conversation are tools to help engage your particular goal for the event whether it be networking, gaining leads or sales.

Follow the above 3 exhibition stand success tips

The power of exhibition stand marketing includes the fact that you can interact with your target audience and have them use all five senses to interact with your brand, product or service. These days exhibition visitors want a unique event and something they will remember. It has been estimated that 78% of marketing experts say multi-sensory events give a greater and more pleasurable, memorable experience. Use these suggestions to gain the best advantage with exhibition booth marketing.

HMRC’s Seafarers Earnings Deduction: Tax Exemption Yacht Crew Should Always Use

How British Can Stop Paying Income Tax If They Work Offshore

To begin with, there are certain rules and regulations that must be met in order to take advantage of this tax exemption.

Not all UK citizens employed in the seafaring industry will be able to use this tax break. It came into its current incarnation as of the Finance Act of 2012 due largely in part to a battle fought between the HMRC and seafaring unions. What it is today is a great way to help UK citizens earn more money and have an easier time at competing in the rather competitive global job market.

This law was originally introduced to alleviate the competitive nature of the industry as well as for national defence needs through having United Kingdom citizens in foreign ports and waters.

Although this piece of tax legislation was created in part for defending the country, unfortunately, it cannot be utilised by those employed in the military who may spend time in foreign waters. The seafaring unions are still in battle over this and hopefully one day those employed the military who spend time at sea will be able to qualify.

When looking at the HMRC 205 Helpsheet it looks like it is written in an unintelligible language and understanding it can be difficult.

To outline the rules and regulations the HMRC does not actually explain what constitutes a ship. In order to take advantage of this tax exemption, you must work on a ship. What is not considered a ship is noted as the following, floating and fixed production platforms, flotels, and mobile drilling platforms.

Working on a yacht offers a great lifestyle as well as tax free earnings. Image credit: Charter World

If you work on one of these types of units then you will not be eligible to receive the Seafarers Earnings Deduction. Some people will not take advantage of this tax break and will choose to not file their annual tax return and may face severe penalties and investigation. Other people may choose to start limited companies ashore or companies in foreign countries to try and pay fewer taxes.

If you are eligible for the Seafarers Earnings Deduction you truthfully cannot lose by harnessing this tax exemption. If you were to pay taxes through a limited company or fail to file your annual tax return would be a mistake.

Another reason why people don’t access this tax exemption is that of how many days they spend ashore in the United Kingdom. With the Seafarers Earnings Deduction you are allowed to spend a maximum of 183 days within the United Kingdom.

A day is considered if you are in the country from the beginning of the day until midnight that day. You will have to keep a hold of all paperwork and stubs that prove your time spent in the United Kingdom. If you were to choose to stay longer then 183 days within a taxable year then you would not qualify for the tax exemption.

Another rule that must be met is that you must embark or disembark from a foreign port to qualify for this exemption. This means you cannot leave port or return to port within the United Kingdom if you want to be able to access the tax break.

So if for whatever reason you may have left the country to move to Canada or any other foreign soil, this does not qualify you.

The rules of the HMRC are complex which puts most people off from accessing the SED. It is a great law that allows you to keep all money earned in foreign waters. If you were to not file your earnings would be a huge mistake and not worth the investigation or penalties that are sure to follow. Ultimately you will need to file your taxes if you ever want to borrow from a lender or get a mortgage. They will ask you to fill out a SA302 letter which can only be done by filing your taxes.

The Seafarers Earnings Deduction is a great tax law and should be utilised if you meet the criteria above.


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