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How to Add an Office Building to Your Garden

Work From Home with a Timber Home Office

It is becoming more common across the westernised world for people to transition to working from home. This continues to grow as people choose to leave the office life to work from the comfort of their own homes. Within this article, we would like to discuss the value of turning a space in your garden into an office. You may want to build it yourself or hire an expert to build a garden office for you. We will discuss the various features and things you need to look into when building a garden office and how to get the very most from it.

The ultimate size of your garden office will be entirely up to you and we suggest that you only use half of your garden space at a maximum. If you build without planning consent you will be restricted to an eaves height of 2.5 meters and an overall height of 3 meters or 2.5 meters within a 2 meters boundary. If you build your garden office within 5 meters of your house it will be treated as an extension to your home. It will be counted as your permissible development space. You also cannot have the principle elevation sit forward as part of your property.

A gravel path acts as a security deterrent to would be thieves. Image credit: Houzz

When designing your garden office building we recommend you create a solid path leading to its entrance. You should also install trees and shrubs to beautify the building and to maintain privacy from your neighbours. Another thing we suggest is that you include roof windows for natural lighting and if you have the space you can also include a sink, toilet and working areas. Be sure that you follow building regulations and speak with your neighbours about building your office so your new office does not upset them or block their yards from natural sunlight.

When it comes to securing your garden office you will have a variety of methods available at your disposal. Home intruders will typically break into a garden room rather then a house. We suggest you use a motion detection exterior light as well as a motion detection alarm system. Also secure your computer to the wall with security casings, always use strong passwords on your computers, a strong encrypted WiFi password, and secure your windows and doors with high quality locks. You can also create a gravel path to the building which creates sound which could deter would-be intruders as well.

When you are choosing a garden building you will have a variety of materials to use to build it with. Timber clad buildings are popular however for a lower maintenance choice we suggest thermally modified timber. It costs more, but you end up saving money on it having to treat it with preservative every two or three years. Brick buildings are very low maintenance but they do cost quite a bit more and will require glazing. You can always use unconventional ideas such as a shepherds hut, caravans, or you can always convert a garden shed into an office. With either choice you choose you will have to meet the regulations of your local area for building and what is permitted.

Use high quality locks to make your garden office fully secure. Image credit: YouTube

The actual price tag associated with building a garden office will completely depend on whether you build it yourself or if you have professionals build and design it for you. We will list the over all estimated prices and costs associated with building in a variety of styles below.

Cabin style garden office buildings can utilise softwood that interlocks the corners of the walls and ceilings to form the cabin. You will only need a small amount of metal fixings to lock together all the pieces. When you are using this method it may take you only a few days to accomplish building it.

Another option is using a modular building for your garden office. Modular buildings are built with softwood walls and plasterboard interiors. These styles of buildings can be put together quickly. You can typically find whole units complete with windows and doors, complete with insulation, electronic outputs and phone connections.

The last idea is building your garden office using a timber framed building. It is much more expensive but will create an elegant look and feel you can’t find anywhere else. You can choose from weatherboard panels or rendered panels. You can choose from an oak frame you can utilise roof tiles or even use something as complex as a thatch roof.

Lastly you will need a method to heat and insulate your garden office. You will need to add insulation which is mandatory. Also you will want to choose double glazed and insulated doors and windows. Electric heaters, oil radiators and electric underfloor heating are options you can use to keep your building warm.

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How to choose the best office cleaners in London

Keeping the capital’s commercial spaces clean and pristine

You may think that choosing a suitable office cleaning company in London is a simple matter of searching local directories and finding a supplier closest to your locality, that offers the most cost effective solution and convenience right? Think again!

The capital is packed to the brim with cleaning businesses that vary from small one man bands, to maid services, to full office and facilities maintenance firms. Some are good, some are great but sadly, many are downright ugly. The main reason being is that certain firms do not fully understand the implications of poor cleanliness or how to clean correctly.

Many cleaning companies develop bad reputations due to poor staff training, skills and accountability. Invariably, their cleaning teams will rush in, quickly wipe down the surfaces, run the vacuum around the floors as fast as possible and leave. After weeks of this, poor standards start to creep in and the inevitable change in cleaning company occurs as the business owner becomes frustrated and dissatisfied with the service they are receiving.

Suspension Window Cleaning. Image credit: Pixabay
Suspension Window Cleaning. Image credit: Pixabay

If this sounds familiar, then you need to read on. Finding a great cleaning company is not easy amongst the several and frankly dreadful options out there. So here’s our tips to finding a great company that you’ll stick with and build a long term relation with that’ll take care of your office cleaners London needs, so you can get on a run your business and not have to worry anymore.


Good quality cleaning companies will have been trading for many years and they’ll have experience behind them, meaning they know the pitfalls and issues that frequently crop up in their line of work.

Believe it or not but cleaning technology is constantly changing, as well as the legislation that governs the cleaning industry. Every year, new chemicals are also introduced that affect health and safety matters so a reputable company, with suitable experience will always ensure they stay on top of these issues, thus protecting the health of those they employ and those that occupy the spaces they clean.

So the key is, always choose a company that has the necessary experience behind them. New start-ups may be enthusiastic and keen to get your business, but they may not have the necessary credentials to do the job the right way.


It’s an obvious point but the quality of the end product is key – many cleaning businesses start off working to a high standard but soon those standards slip. The only way to find out if a cleaning business sticks to high standards is to find out what others have said about them.

Read reviews online or ask them to provide names and contact details of existing clients to speak about the service they have received. If they resist, you know they have something to hide.

In the internet age, no one can escape a poor reputation for bad customer service. Reviews do not tend to lie, so do your research and sort the good from the bad.


Much like the point above, reputation counts so check who they currently work for and how well they perform for those clients. If your office space is of a certain size and scale, check the cleaning company already works for the same types of businesses. You want a supplier that is used to working with your kind of premises so that they know what to expect when their team arrives to maintain your premises cleanliness.


A good cleaning business should be able to work to your schedules, not the other way around! If they insist on you adjusting your schedule to theirs, then what good is that?

A cleaning company should understand that they should essentially be invisible to the working environment and get on with the job when it causes the least business interruption. If they get in the way, they are no good to you.

Whether you trade during normal office hours or specific hours of the day or night, a reputable cleaning company should be able to facilitate a suitable regime that fits into the quieter times that you operate, no questions asked.


Contractors in various industries tend to build reputations for being unreliable. They show up when they feel like it and the excuses come flying out when they are questioned as to the reason for the delay or change of schedule.

Any reputable cleaning company will give you advanced warning is there are any issues with delivery of service on any given day and treat you with professional courtesy and respect. But all in all, a good cleaning business should always have their team at your premises on time, every time. If they have staff shortages or sickness, they should have solid contingency plans in place to deal with those situations that means you are not the one having to check why they are late or fail to make their appointment.

Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies. Image credit: Bay City
Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies. Image credit: Bay City


So as you may have gathered by now, the key to choosing the right cleaning company in London is all about doing the right in-depth research. It may seem like stating the obvious but time pressures and urgency at work can lead us into making hasty decisions that end up costing us more in the long run.

If you simply do not have the time to research the right cleaning company, then delegate that responsibility or ask a colleague or friend of they know someone they can vouch for. Don’t just dive in and hire the first name that appears on your search. You’ll only end up regretting it.

The Key Stages of a Home Renovation project

What to expect from a typical house refurbishment

Before you set out on any internal home refurbishment project, you would be foolish not to firstly plan ahead and break down the stages of the renovation into easy-to digest, bite-sized portions. As the saying goes, nothing worse that biting off more than you can chew!

By creating a list of priorities, you minimise the risk of oversights and potential mistakes, and give yourself a far better chance of having a smoother, quicker home renovation that will be stress free. Misunderstandings and poor planning can lead to expensive last minute alterations which can hold up the completion date and affect the quality of the finished product.

As with any house refurbishment project, stripping back and removal of the internal fixtures, fittings and decor is always going to be your first priority. No project can start until you have a clean, tidy blank canvas from which to start and let your designers and project managers do their magic.

So if you’re in the thick of planning an interior design makeover for the internal parts of your home, here are the key jobs you need to factor into your planning:


There’s always a tap or pipework that needs moving no matter which room you’re working on, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. If you are changing a room that involves plumbing work, remember to consider items that may include repositioning, adding additional water supplies or waste outlets. If you’re expanding or building an extension, you may need to install heating so plumbing, pipework and radiators could be involved.

Hidden Plumbing Pipes. Image credit: Pixabay
Hidden Plumbing Pipes. Image credit: Pixabay


If you intend to change room layouts or build new rooms, chances are stud walls and partitions may be involved as well as suspended ceilings. If so, make sure you leave newly built frameworks open for easy electrical installations.

New rooms will also require door frames built with doors mounted, plus windows, window sills and the all essential hardware finishing.


Many older homes have outdated or poor wiring so a complete or partial electrical rewiring could be in order, not to mention a change of circuit board to a modern system. Many people now like to have a security system installed for peace of mind as well as internet cabling such as ethernet networking, phone sockets, new electrical outlets and light switches.


Plaster board (or drywall as it is referred to in North America) is usually installed by a professional plasterer. Depending in the type of build, you may decide to simply opt for taping and mudding the gaps for fresh paint or skimming a fresh layer of plaster across the entire surface to create a smooth, paint-ready finish.

New ceilings will most certainly need a fresh coat of plaster too and if any old wallpaper needs stripping back or old plaster has come away from the existing walls, that will need repairing by a professional.

Plasterer at Work. Image credit: Wikipedia
Plasterer at Work. Image credit: Wikipedia


One of the most popular surfaces on walls and floor these days is tile – ceramic, porcelain and even cement tiles are all the rage now as they add a hard wearing, durable finish that gives any room a high end look – not just the kitchens and bathrooms.


Your newly renovated room will no doubt need a suitable new flooring laid by a specialist. With a variety of options on the market including carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyls and laminates, the choices are endless. With finishes that range from natural looking wood to earthy stones and classic patterns, you can make your room however you wish, to your own taste and design.


The quality of any renovation is in the finishing which can easily get overlooked. Mouldings such as skirting boards and coving can give a new room that final finish it needs, whilst essentials such as door architraves, dado rails, pictures, accessories and soft furnishings will give the room its unique personality.

Cleaning Up

Any renovation project will undoubtedly create dirt, dust and mess everywhere. If you’re expecting to do a large project, be ready for a big clean up. Cover all perishable and precious items in plastic wrap and if possible, take high priced items off site until its safe to return them.

Brick dust, sawdust and cement gets everywhere and it can ruin items as the dust settles and builds up.

Once the project is over, use a high-end or industrial grade vacuum cleaner and remove all the dirt, dust and build up before inhabiting your home once again.