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How to give your kitchen a complete makeover with new doors, countertops & backsplashes

The Best Way to a Total Kitchen Transformation

The kitchen is often described as being the heart of the home, and it definitely merits this description.

The family spends a considerable amount of time in the kitchen, and so it makes sense that the kitchen should be well maintained and decorated so as to offer a pleasurable ambiance and environment for all the family.

Unfortunately the kitchen, like the bathroom, is a room which is subjected to most wear and tear.

Spills, stains, moisture and grease from cooking, plus dirt and grime all have an effect on the look and condition of the cupboards, drawers, and countertops of the kitchen.

Therefore after a certain number of years it is a good idea to do something about these kitchen elements so as to give your kitchen a much needed makeover.

A brand new look kitchen can do wonders for your property value, and if you’re looking to sell, it will make it far more appealing to buyers.

So before you lose all hope and decide it’s time to pack up and book the home movers, think about revamping your kitchen first.

If you install new doors, countertops and backsplashes you will be amazed at the complete transformation your kitchen will get.

Besides, replacing these will result in lower costs and less effort when compared to replacing the kitchen from scratch.

Before & After Kitchen Transformation. Image credit: Pinterest

New doors can be ordered from a professional cabinet maker or carpenter.

Ordering new kitchen doors has become very popular as it is an environmentally friendly and affordable way to make your kitchen get a new and more updated look.

You will be able to choose from a variety of materials and colours.

It is important to check whether the current knobs, handles and hardware should be replaced for new ones while you are installing new doors and drawers.

In most cases this is best.

New kitchen countertops can also help to make a big difference in the way your kitchen looks.

Even if you tried to clean and care for your countertops as best as you could, after some years you will need to upgrade due to certain defects and stains which may have emerged.

Quartz countertop overlays have become very popular as they are a coast effective way of giving a facelift to any kitchen.

Quartz has various advantages, including the fact that it has a timeless look, it is easy to clean and maintain, durable and stain resistant.

There are also other materials that you could choose such as granite and marble.

With overlays you will be able to avoid messy installation too.

A Typical Quartz Overlay. Image credit: Free Index

Finally the backsplashes will also need to be replaced when you change the kitchen countertop.

The professional installer who will be installing the countertops will see to the backsplashes.

Most backsplashes are easy to remove and replace depending on their material.

Tile backsplashes may be a bit more tricky but as long as the whole countertop is being changed the job will be handled by an experienced person.

Once all of these changes are made, your kitchen will have acquired a much needed new look.

From an outdated or rather grimy looking kitchen, you will now be able to enjoy clean, contemporary kitchen makeovers simply by updating the basics rather than a total replacement.