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Ways to watch Sky television in France

Access the best in British TV abroad

The way in which people access television is changing all the time. Since the inception of super-fast broadband via cable and fiberoptic internet connectivity, the choices have grown exponentially.

Not only that, user habits are changing too. In the past, people used to watch entertainment purely through their televisions to a set schedule dictated by the terrestrial and satellite networks. That has now all changed. Due to on-demand entertainment via apps installed on smart devices, set-top boxes, tablet and phones, people now watch television shows as they want, when they want.

No more week-to-week religious set times to catch up on a drama series, action show or soap opera. The consumer completely dictates how they want to watch their television, when and on which device. The balance of power has completely shifted.

Apple TV Interface. Image credit: iMore
Apple TV Interface. Image credit: iMore

The choice for consumers is even greater

Only a few years ago, on-demand was just coming into fruition. Sites like BBC iPlayer, ITV Player (now called ITV Hub), 4oD (now called All4), Demand5 and Sky Go were online versions of their respective networks only. But there were no cross network options that offered a broad spectrum of entertainment from multiple networks, or even countries.

Now with the emergence of popular services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime TV and NowTV, on-demand television has gone to the next level and has answered those calls. These services now offer the consumer a huge range of entertainment including terrestrial and satellite TV live and on-demand, sports, movies and pay-per-view events.

Even more impressive, is many series are now produced by and exclusively shown on these providers platforms. Netflix has invested heavily in original programming and can boast highly rated shows such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Bloodline and Marco Polo to name a few.

Amazon is the same. Their long awaited Grand Tour series is set to hit our screens, starring ex-Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, which is said to have had a huge production budget. Viewer audiences are expected to be massive yet this show and none of the aforementioned will ever air of mainstream television networks! Its proof that consumer viewing habits have changed for good and mainstream television is dying.

IPTV Set-Top Boxes. Image credit: 4Archive
IPTV Set-Top Boxes. Image credit: 4Archive

Access all this great content in France

As the entire developed world is now connected to the world wide web, gaining access to these services is now so straightforward, that all it takes is a simple box connected to the internet and a TV and they’re ready to go.

Even more impressive is UK based content like this can be watched in France by using a VPN or a smart DNS to change the physical IP address of the device and bypass any IP filtration that blocks users fro outside the United Kingdom from using these services across the English Channel.

So if you’re an expat living in France, the great news is, you can watch Sky television is France without erecting any unsightly, complex satellite dishes. A simple VPN router or smart DNS will allow you to purchase a Now TV box, Apple TV, an Amazon Fire TV box or stick; even a Roku or MAG box and you’ll get access to whatever content you like.

Even apps on your TV such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer or Android TV will work and allow you to watch non-localised content purely due to a simple IP change. You could watch UK based content or even US-specific content just with the simple switch of an IP.

So if you’re enjoying life abroad in neighbouring France, life just got even better with the advances in technology that allow live and on-demand streaming of practically any content you like, when you like and how you like.